Newly Deemed and Lost

A northeastern health care facility was happy when their deeming letter finally arrived, as the managers had been budgeting for the greatly reduced costs that come with FTCA coverage. However, they had not contemplated the tail insurance quote that was coming from their legacy malpractice insurance carrier to cover all the services provided before they were deemed. Working with the team structured several alternative structures that allowed them to adequately cover their pre-FTCA liabilities for less cost than expected and give the board the protection they needed.

Expanding Services

A long time FTCA deemed clinic had decided to move into several new services, they were not certain that the FTCA would cover their new scope of services. By compiling a comprehensive submission on the risks involved the brokers at were able to get their new services covered by a gap insurance policy for less money than they had been paying the year before.

Covering Volunteer Physicians

A facility had several volunteer physicians looking to provide services a few days a week. The doctors had retired and if the center paid them a salary the tail insurance they had in place would be invalid. However, the FTCA was not willing to cover them unless they were paid. By restructuring a wrap around malpractice policy the facility and the doctors were able to get proper coverage without disrupting the tail insurance that was in place.